Our Purpose

To Guide the Next Generation of Readers and Mentor Future Leaders.

Our Mission

Parentis Foundation seeks to address a major contributor to poverty – the inability of children to read proficiently by the end of third grade.  Through an intergenerational approach, we will provide both older adult volunteer tutor/mentors and children with opportunities to enrich their lives, build self-confidence, and share a sense of purpose through literacy.

Our Vision

By pairing kindergarten through third-grade children with highly trained volunteer tutors, we will improve the literacy skills of children at risk of not reading fluently by fourth grade, while providing meaningful opportunities for older adults who serve as literacy tutor/mentors in after-school youth organizations throughout Orange County.

Core Values

Experience Corps Orange County tutors and students share a continuum and simultaneous exchange of core values: Responsibility, Respect, Knowledge, and Care.

Our Leadership Team

Janice Frechette - Artinger

Janice Frechette - Artinger

Executive Director, Experience Corps Orange County
Karen Banse

Karen Banse

Volunteer Recruitment Specialist Experience Corps Orange County
Alicia J. Price

Alicia J. Price

Literacy Consultant Retired Educator, Irvine School District

Our Board of Directors

Tarek A. El Nabli – Founder, President
Parentis Health

David Price – Vice President
Price Leisure Group

Tom Northup – Executive Board Member, Board Development Chair

Chris Johnston – Executive Board Member, Community Engagement & Special Events Chair
Experience Corps OC – Literacy Tutor/Mentor

Jason Pinegar – Board Member
McDermott & Bull Executive Search

Arda Kardjian – Board Member
Verona Court – Residential Care

Yolanda Menosky – Board Member
Auctions with Flair

David Simard – Board Member

Windem Real Estate

Mark McNabb – Board Member

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